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Music - Professional
Trevor Finlay Band - in the studio Recording session for the new CD "Show Me What U Got"
Trevor Finlay Band - CD release party Music from the new CD makes its debut at Barrymore's Music Hall
Trevor Finlay Band - halloween party The band has a blast in the wilds of Killaloe
Trevor Finlay Band - random photos The band at work and play
NEW Nov. 05: The Jivewires At the Governor-General's Awards, 2005.
The Jivewires At the Montreal Jazz Festival, 1999.
Road Photos Things one gets to see while touring.

Music - Community
Tsunami Benefit Local drummers gathered to raise money for Tsunami Relief
Hand drumming photos Random shots from various events.

Other Music photos Misc. music-related photos (updated Oct. '05)

Other Performances
Canadian Toast My acting debut at the 2002 Ottawa Fringe Festival.

HPVOoO - 2004 Santa Toy Parade HPVOoO doing one of its favourite things: dressing up and having fun!
re-Cycles Move The re-Cycles Bicycle Co-op moves into its new home (updated Jan. '06)
re-Cycles recycling A trip to the scrapyard with metal from the re-Cycles Co-op
Bike Art Making things out of old bike parts.
Recyclinik A fundraising event featuring funny bikes and the above bike art.
re-Cycles donations The co-op sends bike and parts off to new lands.
NEW Oct. 05: Vintage cycling posters A few odd and interesting designs.
Misc. bike stuff Parade photos, action shots, and other bike stuff (updated Oct. '05)

The cats - Kitty and Jett

My high school's 50th anniversary party and multi-year reunion

Here's everything else! (updated Oct. '05)


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